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Our Vision for Jackson

  • Create a Dignity Economy which will reflect the inherent value of every Jackson Resident

  • Conduct a major overhaul of our water metering and billing system

  • Continue to pave roads in disrepair across the City

  • Implement more holistic solutions to solve crime

  • Generate youth engagement centers to provide constructive outlets for our Young People

  • Launch demolition program to eliminate blight across the City

  • Create inclusive development across the City (i.e.: Highway 18 and Highway 80 corridors, South- & West Jackson)


"This is a moment that will define what kind of city we will be."

For the last three and a half years, our administration has been working hard to build what we’ve been calling a “dignity economy.”


The dictionary definition of dignity is “the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.”  We believe every single one of us is worthy of respect and that our economy should reflect that.  


So, when we talk about Jackson becoming better and stronger, we mean good jobs.  We mean making sure our JPS scholars are prepared to lead.  We mean safe, affordable housing and affordable access to quality internet.  We mean rebuilding and repairing our streets, sewers, and water system so that we have the infrastructure we deserve.


We have been busy working to make improvements to bring Jackson closer to the more livable, more accessible city we envision.  


My commitment has always been to ONE city, ONE aim, ONE destiny.  All neighborhoods matter and we will not rest until each and every neighborhood has what they need to thrive.

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All Videos

Our Work Over the Past Four Years



  • Paved more miles of road in the last 4 years than the previous 10 combined

  • First Administration to implement body cameras for the Jackson Police Department

  • Developed a real time command center to expand community protection through technology

  • Led in the State's most progressive & comprehensive COVID response

  • Ended Furlough of City Employees

  • Leveraged the 1% Sales Tax to acquire $40 Million towards infrastructure development (first in Mississippi history)


Lumumba Administration in Numbers


Years with more Roads Paved than previous 10 Years combined


Graduating Jackson Police Department Classes; body cameras implemented under Administration



Coverage of Health Insurance premiums for City Employees


Ever Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to fix City inefficiences




Raise Provided to City Employees


Campaign contributions can also be sent to:

The Campaign to Re-Elect Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Mayor, Jackson, MS

PO Box 31762
Jackson, MS 39286

(769) 572-5442

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